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Terms and Conditions for RelianceOne Membership Programme

  1. The RelianceOne Card (“the Card”) is issued by and remains the property of Reliance Fresh Limited (“Reliance”).
  2. Any person, who (i) is an individual resident in India (such term has meaning ascribed to it under Income Tax Act, 1961), (ii) of eighteen (18) years of age or above and has the capacity to enter into a contract and (iii) either makes specified purchases or pays fees or completes transactions as per the then prevailing terms of Reliance, can become a member (“Member”) of RelianceOne Membership Program (“Program”) upon Reliance accepting the application form overleaf duly filled in by the applicant with true, accurate and complete information and submitted at the retail outlets of Reliance’s affiliate participating in the Program (“Store”), along with all necessary documents as specified by Reliance.
  3. Reliance may, at its sole discretion accept or reject the application for enrolment in the Program for reasons it deems appropriate including if the details or any part thereof provided in the application form are incomplete.
  4. A person’s application for enrolment in the Program or use of the Card shall be deemed to be acceptance of the terms and conditions set out herein and additional terms and conditions specified by Reliance from time to time (“Additional Terms and Conditions”) and available at the Store upon request. The applicant/ the user of the Card (“Member”) hereby acknowledges that he/she has understood and accepts the terms and conditions set out herein and the terms and conditions available at the Store and agrees that the same will be binding upon him/her and he/she shall not dispute the same.
  5. Members shall be entitled to earn the points only at the Stores on purchase of goods and/or services from such Stores, and payment in respect thereof, in accordance with policies and/or schemes introduced or prevailing at the time of use of Card (“Points”).
  6. Card should be presented to the cashier or authorized personnel before billing or completion of transaction to earn Points, failing which points will not be credited and Reliance shall not be responsible for the same. Member shall be solely responsible to ensure that Points and transactions are properly credited by the Store representative. No requests for retro-credit will be entertained.
  7. Detailed Terms for use of Card, accumulation of Points, validity of Points and process of redeeming the same are set out in the Additional Terms and Conditions (available on request at the Store) and the policies and/or schemes introduced or prevailing at the time of use of the Card.
  8. Reliance will not be responsible for any loss of Points due to loss or misuse of the Card.
  9. Points cannot be encashed.
  10. Reliance may disclose data relating to an applicant or a Cardholder:
    a ) to any affiliate/associates/partners/group companies/agent/ sub-contractor of Reliance and/or to any person or entity for developing or communicating any offers or services, unless otherwise duly informed by the cardholder at the designated customer service helpline of Reliance.
    b ) to the extent required to be disclosed by operation of law, any regulatory authority or any binding judgment, order or requirement of any court or other competent authority. Cardholder hereby unconditionally permits such disclosures.
  11. All disputes in connection with the Program are subject to the laws of India and subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.
  12. Reliance reserves the right to change/amend/add/delete/modify, without assigning any reasons therefor, terms and conditions of the Program including without limitation the rate of awarding Points, the rate of redeeming Points, validity of Points and the qualifying purchases from time to time or to withdraw or terminate the membership of any Member without being responsible or liable to any person in any manner whatsoever. Members acknowledge that it may not be possible for Reliance to ensure that all such changes/ amendments / additions /deletions/ modifications are informed to Members. Accordingly Members are advised to check for any such changes/ amendments / additions /deletions/ modifications regularly at the Store or designated customer service call center.

Additional Terms and Conditions for RelianceOne Membership Program

  1. Each Member is entitled only for one Card. In the event any applicant/Member has been issued more than one Card, it shall be responsibility of such applicant/Member to immediately inform Reliance of the same and submit with Reliance all the Card(s) issued subsequent to first Card for cancellation of such Card(s).
  2. No pictorial representation on the application form is for the purpose of inducement to any person making an application and Reliance advises applicants and Members to satisfy themselves as to the specific offer relating to such representation.
  3. Please sign on the reverse of the Card for use. Reliance shall not be responsible or liable for non-affixation of the signature or consequence arising thereupon.
  4. Unless otherwise specified, the Card is not a credit, debit or cheque guarantee card and cannot be used as such.
  5. The Card is non-transferable and the benefits under the same shall accrue only to the Member to whom Card was issued (“Cardholder”).
  6. Cardholders are advised to retain all bills until credit of Points. On use of the Card, Cardholders are advised to check immediately if their Membership number correctly appears on the bill.
  7. Complaints in respect of Points not credited, in respect of such bills on which Card number is appearing, to the Card will only be entertained within [90] days from the date of purchase of any goods or services, if submitted along with the said bills.
  8. In case of any refund as per policy, Reliance shall reverse the earlier Points generated, if any, in respect of value of such refund.
  9. No Points shall be credited if the card is used by an institution/ organization/ reseller/ bulk buyer for purchase of goods or services.
  10. No Points shall be credited to the Card if the purchase of goods or services was by way of redemption of Points.
  11. In no event, shall the Cardholder be entitled to redeem Points more than the Points standing to the credit to such Card at the time of placing request for Points redemption.
  12. Points from one Member's account cannot be pooled or combined with the Points of another Member's account.
  13. Any balance Points on withdrawn, expired, cancelled or terminated Cards will be automatically forfeited. Non-use of the Card for a continuous period of twelve (12) months will result in forfeiture of accumulated Points and cancellation of the Card. The Cardholder acknowledges that Reliance may not be able to intimate him/her of the same and Cardholder shall periodically check the status.
  14. Reliance’s computation of Points in the Card shall be final and binding on Cardholder and Cardholder shall not raise any dispute or question in respect of the same.
  15. A minimum balance of thirty two (32) Points shall be required in Customer’s Card account in order to place a point redemption request.
  16. Points shall not expire and are redeemable only against select products or services in accordance with the prevailing redemption policy / special schemes at the time of such redemption.
  17. Reliance shall not be liable or responsible under any circumstances whatsoever for the goods or services provided by third parties or program affiliates, sponsors or partners under any scheme/ offer/ program promoted by Reliance or otherwise be responsible for any direct or indirect loss arising from the failure, accident, negligence, non adherence to safety norms of the partners to provide goods or services, quality of goods or service or deficient services including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any goods, spares or products offered and/or comprised in such services by the Program affiliates, sponsor and partners.
  18. Reliance may use information about any applicant or Cardholder to send such applicant or Cardholder information about other goods, services and/or promotions offered by Reliance or its affiliates, which Reliance believes may be of interest to the applicant or Cardholder. Any Member or Cardholder that does not wish to receive this information should write to customerservice@ril.com (only through an email ID registered with Reliance) or call 022-40176400/ 18001027382. Such request shall be entertained only on proper verification of details submitted by such Member.
  19. Cardholder shall, at all times, be responsible to inform Reliance about changes in his/her personal details in order to enable Reliance to update its records. In the event such changes are not informed by Cardholder to Reliance, Cardholder shall not hold Reliance responsible or liable for any losses suffered by such Cardholder due to the same.
  20. All taxes, duties, levies or other statutory dues and charges including handling charges payable in connection with the benefits accruing under the Program shall be borne solely by the Cardholder and Reliance shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any such taxes, duties, levies or other statutory dues and charges.
  21. By participating in this Program, Cardholders/applicants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Program. Cardholders agree to release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless Reliance and its affiliates, and their directors, officers, employees and agents, from and against any claims, losses, damages or liability arising out of, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from acceptance, use, or loss of any Program’s goods or services, or participation in any Program related activity or participation herein.
  22. Reliance’s obligation under the Program is subject to force majeure conditions. If an event of force majeure occurs, Reliance shall not be responsible for any damage or loss which Members/applicants may suffer by reason of such a failure or delay of performance, and such failure or delay shall not be a breach on part of Reliance.
  23. Cardholders/applicants agree that the terms and conditions of this Membership are fair and reasonable, and hereby waives all defenses as to the reasonableness of such terms and conditions.
  24. Cardholders are solely responsible for the safekeeping of their Cards. If the Card is lost stolen or damaged, Cardholder shall immediately contact Reliance on 022-40176400, 18001027382 and report such occurrence.
  25. In respect of lost stolen or damaged Card, Cardholder agrees that a Card will only be re-issued when such Cardholder places a written request for re-issuance of a Card. Such request shall be accompanied by a duly filled fresh application form. The details mentioned on duly filled fresh application shall be the same details which such Cardholder submitted at the time of issuance of original Card or as updated by such Cardholder from time to time in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  26. In case, Cardholder does not fill the complete application form or details mentioned on the duly filled fresh application form does not match with the details in Reliance’s records, Reliance reserves the right to deny re-issuance of a Card. Member shall not raise any dispute or question in respect of the same. Reliance reserves the right to charge the Cardholder for re-issuance of the Card.
  27. Cardholder may place a request for voluntary cancellation of his/her Card at any time. Cardholder agrees that to place a request for cancellation of his/her Card he/she should write to customerservice@ril.com (only through an email ID registered with Reliance) or call 022-40176400/ 18001027382. Such request shall be entertained only on proper verification of details submitted by such Member. In the event of voluntary cancellation of the Card, on or before the placing such request for cancellation, Cardholder may redeem Points standing to the credit to such Card or waive his/her right to redeem such Points. In any event simultaneously with placing the request for cancellation of the Card, the Cardholder shall request the treatment of the Points accordingly, else any balance Points on cancelled Cards will be automatically forfeited. Cardholder is requested to cut the cancelled Card in 4 pieces and destroy the same.
  28. Liability of Reliance shall be limited to the extent of the then current value of outstanding Points standing to the credit of Cardholder as per the record maintained by Reliance.
  29. All changes made in the Customer Profile would be visible after 24 hours from the time the changes were made.

Pre-paid Functionality of the Card

  1. A Member may, at his or her discretion opt for a prepaid functionality by loading a maximum of Rs. 5,000/- on the Card
  2. Reliance shall solely determine:
    i. the process for loading money on the Card and the Member hereby agrees to follow the same.
    ii. products for purchase of which the pre-paid functionality of the Card can be used.
    iii. Outlets of Reliance at which the Card can be redeemed.
  3. The Card can be recharged by paying at the store in cash or by use of credit or debit card, or any other mode of payment acceptable in the Store.
  4. The bearer of the Card will be deemed to be the Cardholder, and the bearer will have to present this Card to the cashier at the store at the time of billing to redeem the value against purchase of qualified products. The value of the pre-paid card will deplete with every purchase made by the bearer. Balance available on the Card cannot be exchanged for cash and can be redeemed only against future purchases.
  5. The pre-paid functionality of the Card can only be used to make purchases up to the value loaded on the Card. If the bearer wishes to make purchases for an amount that exceeds the balance available on the Card, the bearer will have to pay the amount exceeding the balance using another mode of payment, as is acceptable at the Store.
  6. A customer cannot club the existing cash balance on the Card and redeem the accumulated Points for purchasing products from stores of Reliance affiliates. It is hereby clarified that a customer may, either use the available balance on the Card or redeem the accumulated points for purchase of products. Reliance may, at its sole discretion pass on the benefits of consumer promotions to the Cardholders
  7. The money loaded by the Customer on the Card is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of loading or the last transaction, whichever is later or such other period as may be determined by Reliance in its sole discretion.
  8. All refunds/exchanges of products purchased with the Card will be made in accordance with refund policy of Reliance.
  9. Any unused balance on the Card after expiry of the above validity period will not be refunded in cash or credited for redemption.
  10. The bearer of the Card will be considered the bonafide card holder, and the recipient of the benefits of redemption.
  11. Reliance reserves the right to cancel any pre-paid functionality at any time without notice. Under such circumstances, Reliance may, at its sole discretion, either refund the balance of the amount loaded on the Card to the bearer or set out the process pursuant to which the Cardholder may get the benefit of the unused balance amount on the Card.


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